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Using Business to immigrate to Canada

Are you and entrepreneur that wants to immigrate to Canada? Lucky for you there are a number of pathways for business owners to immigrate to Canada, first temporarily, and then permanently!

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Active Investment

Business immigration to Canada is about ACTIVE INVESTMENT. Either buying an existing business, franchise, or opening your own business and coming to Canada as a Temporary Resident on a Work Permit to actively work on your business. 

If you are applying to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada for a business work permit must convince the Visa Officer of three things:

1.  The business is viable. This is done through a proper business plan, thorough market research, and realistic financial projections and financing;

2.  You are capable of making this business succeed. This is done through conveying your own expertise as an entrepreneur/manager as well as your expertise in the business you are pursuing


3.  How will this business bring a significant benefit to Canada (jobs for Canadians and PRs).


Arsheen Immigration Services has a team that is ready to connect you with:

  1.  Profitable businesses in Canada

  2.  Business plans and market research

  3.  Immigration advice and applications

  4.  Strategic partner financing




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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