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LMIA Application Services 

We understand the pressure your business is under because you can't find workers... workers that will stick around, loyal workers that will carry the dream, complete the team, will take care of operations so you can concentrate on sales, and other pressing areas. 

The worst is  you already know who you want, job ads always bring in tons of qualified potential employees, but without the proper immigration status! They are not in Canada, DON'T have a work permit and you CANNOT hire them until you get an LMIA, which takes too long and has too many hoops and loops to jump through! Paperwork has never been your forte. 

Fret no is here.

We specialize in helping businesses just like you by taking care of the entire LMIA application, from A to Z.


Whether you are in need of a executive chef, housekeepers, maintenance staff or a front desk receptionist, we can help you apply for an LMIA to get going with the hiring process, and boost your business! 

Our services include:

A to Z LMIA Application Services

We take care of the whole LMIA application, from advising on which type of LMIA application is right for you, advising on NOC codes, wages, job offer letters, double checking to make sure your job ads comply with the super detailed Ministry's requirements, making sure the right candidates are being invited for interviews, putting together the application, making sure the appropriate and sufficient supporting documents are submitted, and more... 


Work Permit- Up to 3 Years for High-Wage Workers

After receiving a positive LMIA, the worker must apply for a work permit to be able to legally work in Canada.


As of April 4th, 2022, Temporary Foreign Workers in High-Wage positions can request a work permit for up to THREE YEARS. LMIAs for High-Wage positions may also be able to support permanent residency. 

Although the worker is responsible to apply for a work permit independently, hiring the same firm to complete both the LMIA application and Work Permit application leads to a seamless, quick submission. 



Spousal Open Work Permit

Family members (spouse and dependent children) of the Principal Foreign Worker in Canada who is in a High-Skilled (TEER 0, 1, 2, 3) position may be eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit that is connected to the Principal Foreign Worker. 


Let's Get Started

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