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3 Benefits to Businesses that Hire Foreign Workers

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Canadian businesses hire Canadian citizens, permanent residents or people with Canadian work permits.


...When Canada is in a LABOUR SHORTAGE, like it is in now (and the past 5 years) and businesses are having trouble finding who they are looking for amongst Canadian citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals with Canadian work permits.

That’s when businesses apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) so they can hire Foreign Workers.

Here are three benefits for Canadian businesses that hire a Foreign Worker under an LMIA:

1. Foreign talent comes with unique perspectives and experiences that can benefit businesses.

Different countries have different ways of doing the same things we do in Canada, especially when it comes to business. When you hire someone from a different country and culture, they bring their different perspectives with them.

When the Foreign Worker is hired in a decision making position, or consulted in business decisions, business owners are seizing the opportunity to benefit from that different perspective and improve the business, in all facets.

2. Foreign Workers have a strong work ethic and are adaptable.

Foreign Workers have opted to pack up their lives and march across the globe to fulfill a dream of “better opportunities”. They have learnt a new language, new culture, and have struggled through discomfort and uncertainty to build a new life. They know they have a lot to learn in this new country and role. Now they are working for you, and have the motivation to do the job right, learn and advance.

With an LMIA, the Foreign National applies for an employer specific work permit that limts them to working for a specific business in a specific role. They do not have flexibility to move around. This beninfits employers that struggle to keep workers as a result of workers ghosting employers, or jumping jobs because of a insignificantly higher wage found elsewhere. The lack of flexibility a Foreign Worker has is also a heavy responsibility on the employer, to treat them well, and honour their contract.

Foreign Workers do not have the flexibility to leave their job as Canadians and permenent residents do; and are much more likely to persevere through the initial challenges that come with every new job. They are resilient in the face of changes, as their life has been filled with nothing but changes since they left their home country.

3. Foreign Workers bring access to foreign markets.

Foreign Workers often speak other languages and have connections with other communities within Canada and abroad. These connections can be a tremendous benefit to business in regards to expansion to other countries or even customer acquisition within Canada. The Foreign Worker’s mere exposure in a business can attract customers with a similar background, and make them feel more comfortable.

All of that being said, it is a hassle to apply for an LMIA. There are many processes that the business must go through and submit proof to the government that they completed as a part of the LMIA application.

That is why businesses should seek outside help (us) to complete the LMIA application for them.

If you are thinking of hiring a Foreign Worker, contact us to save you the hassle of all the paperwork LMIA’s entail, and enjoy the many benefits Foreign Workers will bring to your business.

Chef- a common position that a restaurant business would apply for an LMIA for
Chef- a common position that a restaurant business would apply for an LMIA for

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