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How Just One Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Can Change Your Business' Destiny

A few months back I completed an LMIA for a company hiring a specialty knowledge worker to work on their machinery as a Instrument Technician. Although there exist Instrument Technicians in Canada who are looking for work, none have experience working on this type of machinery that the company sells all over North America.

Temporary Foreign Worker Technician
Technician at work

Through this worker, the business is able to offer in house servicing and maintenance plans to each customer that purchases a piece of machinery from them, as well as open up a new department of selling refurbished machinery at lower prices that have been fixed up by their now inhouse instrument technician. Very quickly, this one TFW technician, was able to train a few more local technicians in maintenance and refurbishing, and his single handed department turned into a large department that contributes more than it's weight to the business' revenue. The company is now trying to help their TFW gain PR with funding English classes and bringing over the TFW's spouse and children.

Laboour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) are the arduous application businesses need to make to bring in a TFW. If this story has made the gears in your head turn about what you could do in your business if only you have xyz specialist worker, pursue your dream by getting in contact to see how we can help you apply for an LMIA to bring over that one worker that will change your business' destiny!

At Arsheen Devjee Immigration Services, we help businesses apply for LMIAs to bring Temporary Foreign Workers to Canada to improve their business' services and revenue.

Send us a message via What's App (1-647-607-2106) or email at, and we can discuss how your dream worker can become a reality!

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