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Immigration Applications

Work Permits

LMIA Work Permits

Post Graduate Work Permits

Spouse/Common Law Partner Work Permits

Work Permit Extensions

International Mobility Work Permits

Provincial Nominee Work Permit

Nice Nurse

Visitor Visa

Thinking about come to visit Canada to see family, friends, or coming to see the magnificent Rocky Mountains, beautiful Atlantic coast, or Niagara Falls? But, sometimes, getting a Visiter Visa can be tough, if you don't fit the right profile, or present yourself in the right way to IRCC. Make sure you do it right. 

Family Kayaking

Study Permits

Studying in Canada is a great way to begin your immigration journey to Canada. However, if one aims to eventually apply for Permanent Residence, one must strategically plan where they study in Canada and what program they go into. Book a consultation to explore your options and the best route for you. 

Students on Campus

Spousal Sponsorship

Newly married? Want sponsor your spouse or common law partner for Permanent Residence in Canada? 


Express Entry

Express Entry is how Canada manages its immigration of Skilled Workers. Applicants fall into three streams:

Canadian Experience Class: Workers with Canadian skilled work experience

Federal Skilled Workers: Workers with foreign skilled work experience

Federal Skilled Trades: Workers with skilled word experience in the trades

Professional Work
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